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Digital Doo-Doo Is NOT an Aboriginal Music Instrument in Australia

Are you surprised to hear that college courses don’t include books over 200 pages because students have been dumbed down by the digital world?  Students are losing their ability to focus and stay on track during courses.  A Rutgers University … Continue reading

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What If You Didn’t Have Work On Monday?

It’s Sunday evening and for many people this is the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday and tomorrow is back to work day.  Roughly 10% of Americans don’t have a job and Monday signals another week of searching for one. … Continue reading

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Green Friday

Retail “Black Friday” the day after Thanksgiving has come and gone and I spent the day in the studio.  Yes, I chose to not shop on the biggest retail day of the year.  Why?  Well, beyond the financial reasons, I … Continue reading

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It’s a Volcano Not a Vulcan

I live on an urban volcano.  They say it’s extinct though I’m not certain how can you tell if a volcano is truly extinct.  The volcano’s caldera sits about a half a mile to the south, it’s not flashy, no … Continue reading

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