Volcano Life

Mt. Tabor, an extinct volcano,  is located inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon and home to Prefontaine Studio.  There are two cities in N. America with volcanoes inside the city and the other is Mexico City.  I enjoy our place in the “Ring of Fire” that circles the Pacific Ocean where active volcanoes change the face of the Earth on a daily basis.  And, since I’ve been pointing it out for years, Krakatoa was WEST of Java just as Anak Krakatoa is.  Heading east of Java is Bali and they have a volcano too,

My studio glass art work is in private collections around the world — six out of seven continents and Antarctica is just a matter of time.   I can’t drop any names of collectors but if you see one of my glass pieces hanging next to a Rembrandt in The Netherlands you’re in the know.  Prefontaine Studio is home to my passion for crafting fused glass art.  I teach glass art classes for Portland Community College and in workshops in the Pacific Northwest.

My adventures circle the globe and I have been lucky to dine with head-hunters on Borneo, view Machu Picchu in the moonlight and marry my love in a small Tuscan village in central Italy.

I am a marketing and tourism development professional with a nod to sustainability at every level including protecting regional cultures.  A homogenized world is a an ugly idea.

Uno marito, due cane ~ Scarlett e Lola, tre gatti – Grady, Sugar e Biki the whacked one and several squirrels in the tree outdoors that are  just out of reach of the due cani hunters.  I also take Italian language classes so that I can talk food with gusto in Italy.

My cousin Steve Prefontaine was named the “Coolest Runner Ever” by Running World magazine.  Steve’s sister Linda collaborated on a book about Steve’s life that can be found at Lulu.com.  Proceeds go to student athletics in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Order your copy/copies today — it’s a great Christmas gift.


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