Alla Famiglia

May 2011 bring you everything that your heart desires and more.  The Universe is shifting and from where I sit that means that the year holds possibilities that are infinite.

For many years my friends Ron & Rebecca have hosted a New Year’s Eve celebration that I define as epic.  There’s bubbly, lively, wine, ambrosial appetizers, fondue with crudites, delectable Dungeness Crab and mouth-watering Maine Lobsters.

Rebecca is a culinary force  and could teach a chef, or two, a few things about celebratory meals.  Ron is an impeccable host and his wine pairings are always spot on.  Their home is always welcoming and the circle that gathers are family.   Life just doesn’t get better and I am thankful to have such wonderful friends who include us as family.

We laughed, cried, played charades, danced in the kitchen, did crafts, talked about the old year and the possibilities of 2011, made loud noises with air horns at midnight to greet 2011.  It was the perfect closure of 2010 and a magnificent start to 2011.

Every dream is possible and the best is yet to come.  Welcome 2011 — I’m delighted to meet you.

P.S.  January 2011, all is quiet on the volcano, no lava, no tremors and the air is cold and clear.  You can see forever and the horizon is limitless.

P.P.S.  Michelle — air horns, the perfect accessory to the midnight revels.


About Tress Prefontaine

On the northern slope of Mt. Tabor you'll find my house holds one husband, two dogs, three cats and several squirrels in the tree outside. We also are lucky to have a year-round hummingbird as a visitor to the bird feeders. I like to tell stories about life, love and the pursuit of the slice of apple pie (a small cafe in Amsterdam is the current leader). I spend a portion of my time in the studio creating kiln-formed glass art. My work is in collections on six out of seven continents (Antarctica is just a matter of time). I can't mention names however I often wonder if the piece in The Netherlands hangs next to their Rembrandt?
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