James Taylor I Know You’re Out There… Call Me!

I’m one of those vocalists who people look at in the car next to theirs singing to the music and head bobbing to the beat having a great time in my mobile sound studio.  For years I have enjoyed perfect harmony with many internationally known performers and feel my harmonies are best with James Taylor’s classic songs and stories.  On a pleasant day I put the convertible top down and cruise along, just me and James and lots of stop lights.  The music never stops.

Move over James Taylor back-up singers (Kate – you are the greatest and Arnold… never pitchy and always well dressed) I made a stunning discovery and I just have to let you know about it.

While I was loading my kiln, and singing along with Sweet Baby James, I heard perfect harmony bouncing off of the fire-brick.  Great style,  perfect breath control and every single note was magical.  James, come on over and sing in the kiln it’s better than Carnegie Hall.  It’s not anything you could catch on a typical recording but knowing you are always testing a new sound you can use my technique.  Just add my name to the liner notes and I’ll be a happy collaborator.

The Troubadour CD with Carole King is a studio favorite and along with Covers, James Taylor’s Greatest Hits I & II and just about every other recording you’ve released where you are the featured vocal artist.  Your songs and the stories you tell inspire great works of glass art.  Artifiable (a new word) with a variety of colors, textures and chord progressions.

During studio workshops more voices join in the harmonious happenings of a vocal nature and everyone shakes a mean glass-cutter to Mexico or scores the glass to Sweet Baby James.  Which brings me to my next question.

What is Sweet Baby James Taylor II doing these days?  I love every version of the creative driving project becoming a cowboy lullaby story that I’ve heard you tell.  What I want to know is what’s he doing these days?  Did he go to college?  Children?  Will/did you write songs for them if they exist?  Are deep greens and blues the colors he painted his house/condo/loft/car?  Did he get glasses of beer and cattle when he turned twenty-one?   Is he Middle-Aged James with a mortgage?

Here’s the really good part….

To the angels in the wings that brought the miracle of my sitting next to the revolving stage opening night of your N. America Tour I’d like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.  Please know that I had the time of my life and have proof that live and in person the harmony is better than with my head in the kiln.

James, I know you’re out there and next time you are in Portland, OR, I’d be happy to share a stop light and duet with you.


About Tress Prefontaine

On the northern slope of Mt. Tabor you'll find my house holds one husband, two dogs, three cats and several squirrels in the tree outside. We also are lucky to have a year-round hummingbird as a visitor to the bird feeders. I like to tell stories about life, love and the pursuit of the slice of apple pie (a small cafe in Amsterdam is the current leader). I spend a portion of my time in the studio creating kiln-formed glass art. My work is in collections on six out of seven continents (Antarctica is just a matter of time). I can't mention names however I often wonder if the piece in The Netherlands hangs next to their Rembrandt?
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