Who Cares & Heroes

First — I don’t have a judgement on the morality of what Tiger Woods did, or didn’t do, and the state of his marriage.   Do I think that he should lose his endorsements?  Yes, he should.  Why?  Because the companies he endorses are paying big bucks to use his image and now they won’t get what they paid for.  Should those companies get dragged into the mud with him?  Yes on that one too.  When companies spend huge sums of money to perfect a Tiger Woods “clean-cut” image it’s just a mirage that they paid for and consumers believed them and nobody wins.

Who should get the $$$ that will be lost?  Let’s divide it up and give some to every person we know who has done something to make our world better a better place.  We could start with our families and then spread it around to some really great people and/or non-profit organizations and let the money take care of someone other than Mr. & Mrs. Tiger Woods (I wonder if they would give the $$$ to have some privacy?).

My hero is Mr. John Morrison who kept a clear head when I started choking earlier this week and successfully performed the Heimlich Maneuver.  Thank you Mr. Morrison, you are my hero.


About Tress Prefontaine

On the northern slope of Mt. Tabor you'll find my house holds one husband, two dogs, three cats and several squirrels in the tree outside. We also are lucky to have a year-round hummingbird as a visitor to the bird feeders. I like to tell stories about life, love and the pursuit of the slice of apple pie (a small cafe in Amsterdam is the current leader). I spend a portion of my time in the studio creating kiln-formed glass art. My work is in collections on six out of seven continents (Antarctica is just a matter of time). I can't mention names however I often wonder if the piece in The Netherlands hangs next to their Rembrandt?
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